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We at Maria Bambina, offer supportive and inspirational environments for young enquiring minds to learn and grow with us. Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to build confident and creative thinkers and aim at delivering and education that is truly relevant to their future.


Recognized by Directorate of Education Porvorim, & GBSHSE, Alto Betim

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Maria Bambina Higher Secondary School For Girls, Cuncolim, Goa, INDIA



Respected Principal, I would like to pen down my experience as a student of Maria Bambina Convent and Higher Secondary level … It was and it’s a privilege to be called a student of Maria Bambina convent/ Higher Secondary School... I have spent the most precious years of my life in Maria Bambina starting from KG section upto Higher secondary level i.e from year 1996-2009. I can never forget how Sr. Theresa who was such an inspiration to all of us and the way she motivated everyone in every little things and secretly being part of our enjoyment moments too. As a student of Maria Bambina I have obtained good scores in academics and achieved laurels in sports. I was selected as Sports Secretary while I was studying in the higher secondary. I am very grateful to all the teachers and sisters who taught me during my entire academic years. I was blessed to have a very motivating and highly experienced teaching and non-teaching staff. The values inculcated and sound education receive have helped to shape my career and obtain a very good profession. I am presently working as a Police Sub Inspector in the Goa Police Department. Memories of the school and higher secondary will be cherished forever and I consider this school and higher secondary as one of the best. God bless our Institution.
Mrs. Nehanda Travasso
My experience at Maria Bambina higher secondary school was truly a memorable one. The staff has been very encouraging, helpful and supportive to all the students. As a student, I had acquired a lot of knowledge in various fields. The best thing that I liked about this higher secondary school was that they push each and every student to take part in various extra-curricular activities. This has really built my confidence level in every activity that had taken part during my further studies. I am proud to be an ex-student of this wonderful and well-disciplined higher secondary school.
Reia Rebello
I am extremely pleased to share my experience in Maria Bambina college Cuncolim.. 25 years just flew... I still remember our teachers. Principal Sr. Lucy was teaching communication skills, Prof. Sagar was the most popular and helpful and my favorite teacher ... sports/cultural activities were just fun in college... studying in Maria Bambina Higher Secondary Women's College was safe, enriching with extremely good quality teaching. I feel proud to be a student of Maria Bambina while serving society as an independent and successful Lawyer today. Presently practicing in Thane District and Bombay High Court. If my school needs my help I am just one call away. With lots of Love to School,
Adv.Archana V. Kadam
Advocate At Bombay High Court
Maria Bambina Higher Secondary is a paradise in Cuncolim! It is an inspirational women’s Higher Secondary for all charming and promising young girls. The future lies purely in the hands of women, for they will be mothers and the hope of tomorrow as leaders and character builders of the children of our country. I have been blessed to study here. My former Principal Sr. Lucy Britto was a born teacher, including the popularity of Maria Bambina staff has neither diminished nor forgotten with years. The staff till date I can say is warm, understanding, very approachable, the lecturers there make their subject alive and unforgettable, their teaching has been enriching. I cannot forget my adorable magnificent nuns, Sr. Sophie, Sr. Rose, Sr. Assunta, Sr. Fatima Sr. Geraldine, Sr. Vicibila and Sr. Ursula, she taught me to write in K.G II. Maria Bambina has brought out the best in me, and I attribute what I am today to them, this is what I credit to my Alma mater. The ability to laugh and the sense of humour in me, my Bambina days is still alive. I have spent 14 yrs. in Maria Bambina. I joined there in my infancy in KG.1 and studied there until 12 std, such a conducive environment for genuine teaching and learning. I found my best friends there, motherly lectures, simple students, caring nuns, and not forgetting the big exam hall when the long bell rings, I have found memories of my time there. The staff is a source of great intellectual inspiration and Sr. Riffa, she always reminds me of St. Bartolomea. Sr. Geraldine was almost like Miss Anne Sullivan to me, she taught me in school as well… times I felt like Helen keller, I still regard sr Geraldine above all. Maria Bambina Higher secondary helped me to experience new things, I learnt many new subjects there. It is the best higher secondary for ARTS and COMMERCE in Cuncolim till today. I pray for the present staff to continue on their tireless mission, changing the lives of students as they did mine, and I thank Maria Bambina from the depths of my heart.
Mrs. Gracy Jarina Fernandes
With immense joy and gratitude to God who gave me the opportunity to continue my Higher Secondary Education in this esteemed Institution. These two years 1999 -2001. I had a pleasant time and are my most memorable years. We had a dynamic Principal Sr. Lucy Britto, and Maria Menezes and a lively group of excellent teachers who taught us with love and dedication. We were a batch of 18 students, closely knit, courteous, loving. caring and helping one another in studies, Remaining behind after classto help others becausewe wanted everyone to do the best and come out with flying colors to make both our parents, teachers and institution feel proud. God willed that I be back in Maria Bambina Higher Secondary, this time as a staff member. Initially new, young, alone and inexperienced, I had to learn from the scratch. With God’s help and encouragement from my Principal Sr. Maria, others too came forward to teach me and shared their knowledge and experience. The trust that was placed in me and with obedience, I carried out my duties as they increased year by year with greater responsibility. With God by my side I have nothing to fear and till today I continue to the same work with enthusiasm and dedication.
Sr. Refa Silvia Coutinho
Batch 1999-2001
My experience of higher secondary Maria Bambina higher secondary school days have been my most impressive ones which I will never be able to forget all my life. As I wanted to go in Science stream planned to enroll myself in other higher secondary but due to 2% less I was asked to give bribes which I didn’t accept so due to this when the classes started I was without the enrollment in any school, at that time happen to meet Sr. Lucy Britto (Principal) and she inquired about my enrollment and I opened up what had happened and she gave a warm welcome for me in MBHSC and asked to choose any stream I wished to choose . I opted for commerce and my journey started, where I learned and grew academically, psychologically, spiritually and socially. It has revealed and exposed to me my true colors both good and not so good and as a result has built many aspects of my character. Professors were up to the mark who gave their 100% towards each student. Our batch was bit naughty and I remember a professor remarking “we don’t feel that boys are not enrolled in this higher secondary.” Got many occasions for the all-round growth as a teenager and had lot of fun with my colleagues and especially with my friend circle. During my higher secondary I received guidance from the sisters to nurture my religious call. The base which I got from Maria Bambina has helped me to get into professional stream by passing the entrance exams without any difficulty. My experience at Maria Bambina has shaped me into the person that I am today. Thank you all my loving Sisters, professors, other staff members and my friends and classmates.
Sr. Crina Fernandes
It is my immense pleasure to be a part of Maria Bambina Higher Secondary for women as a student. It is in this Institution I learnt qualities of leadership, creativity, knowledge of self and learning languages since I was from Karnataka. There were various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities held throughout the year which made us to have all round development. We lived in a homely environment which boosted our study. The best experience is that our qualified teachers have imparted the best of their knowledge through their effective subjects. I am indebted to the sisters and teachers for their contribution in my life’s journey.
Sr. Flavy Rodrigues.
I am Pratima Krishna FottoDessai working as Diabetes Educator at Hospicio Hospital Margao. I studied In Maria Bambina higher secondary school passed out in year 2000. It's a proud moment for me to share that because of the strong foundation that I received in all aspects of my growth in this Institution, Maria Bambina Higher Secondar. I am able to live an Independent life. Because of the very good training we received, we are able to stand strong to face any difficult situation in life. They taught us how to give a helping hand to those who need our service and help. I will always remember the good values I have learnt for life, God bless my School.
Pratima Dessai
I Sr. Lucrecia, while writing these few words experience a nostalgic joy at the memories of my student life, at Maria Bambina Convent Higher Secondary. My love for my higher secondary dates back to 2008-2009, when I was enrolled. During my days as a student, I learned a lot of things, including a strong set of values: truthfulness, honesty and integrity with which I identified myself with. With joy and gratitude, I recall my student life in this Institution. The tender loving care, constant support given by my teachers (lay and religious) can not be forgotten. The timely encouragement given made me blossom as a PERSON that God wanted me to be. I put in to practice the values that were inculcated there, while I was student. The fun, joy, sharing and caring I enjoyed with my friends are ever a memorable one. I am really grateful to God for granting me the grace to study in this Higher Secondary School, and to all my teachers who have been a beacon of light to me. I wish and pray that my loving institution of Maria Bambina Convent Higher Secondary, continue to be a ray light and hope not only to those who enter its portals but also to the Society at large.
Sr. Lucrecia M. Siddi